Dental implant

One of the modern solutions to replace missing teeth is to place implants. These implants will be used to support crowns, bridges or prostheses.


If you have lost one, several, or all of your teeth, including their roots, the most modern and suitable solution is to replace the missing teeth with “dental implants”.

A dental implant is a medically pure and organic integrable cylinder that is placed in the bone at the level of your lost dental roots.

This “artificial root” can receive all kinds of prosthetic elements that will be screwed onto it.

It ranges from a single crown to a bridge replacing 2 or more teeth, and up to a complete dental arch.

Dental implants can stabilize a removable appliance and above all allow you to find fixed and aesthetic teeth in part or all of your mouth.

Our daily practice is focused on complex implant-supported rehabilitations. Every day, we treat patients who present with toothlessness or terminal teeth. At the same time, we are able to place the implants and place the fixed provisional teeth. The patient can then regain his smile and his chewing function within a few hours.

Thanks to a rehabilitation on implants, the patient benefits from mechanical comfort in terms of chewing, but also aesthetics by regaining a natural smile.

The firm has ultra-modern tools to carry out these rehabilitations. A 3D reconstruction of the patient’s jaw is performed from the scanner.

This considerably improves the diagnosis and makes it possible to simulate the intervention. Computer-assisted implantology offers absolute precision and safety.

Surgical guides allow us to transfer the previously performed simulation from the computer to the patient’s mouth.


We use modern materials such as zirconia which makes it possible to make large biocompatible parts giving a natural aesthetic due to the absence of metal.

We work in close collaboration with Mr. Jean-Pierre Casu, Prosthetist graduated Meilleur Ouvrier de France.