Orthodontic treatments schedule

1st phase: The 1st consultation

During the 1st consultation, the orthodontist examines the patient and proposes one or more orthodontic treatment plans.

This first consultation allows patients to be informed of the progress of their future treatment, the schedule and the financing.

2nd phase: The orthodontic assessment

Taking photographs, x-rays, and digital impressions, allowing the orthodontist to establish the patient’s diagnosis and treatment plan.

3rd phase: Installation of the device

Orthodontic treatment begins!

Fitting of transparent aligners or positioning the brackets on the teeth.

4th phase: removal and restraint

When the orthodontist considers the optimal correction, she then proceeds to remove the orthodontic appliance.

SHe then puts in place the retainer which is essential for the good consolidation of the results obtained and does not cause any discomfort to the patient.

5th phase: Follow-up after treatment

Follow-up visits are scheduled 1 month after removal of the device, then 3 months after, then 6 months after.