Dental stains and dental wear

Because tooth enamel is slightly porous, tobacco, tea, coffee, wine or some pharmaceutical products (such as chlorhexidine-based mouthwashes or iron-based medication) can give your teeth an unsightly coloration.

My teeth are stained, what to do?

How to act against the effect of these substances that frequently color tartar, teeth but also dental restorations based on resin, and resulting in a very unsightly appearance of the dentition?

If the best solution is undoubtedly the elimination of the coloring substance, remains, that in general, daily oral hygiene, regular descaling associated with a polishing of the teeth can remedy this problem. Be careful, however, not to use a toothpaste too abrasive which can scratch the surface of the teeth and accelerate indirectly the appearance of new colorations.

In the event that these stains correspond to small defects in the enamel, your dental surgeon can offer you the technique of micro abrasion that allows them to be erased on the surface.

I do not want amalgam, can I be offered a more aesthetic solution?

In some cases it is possible to replace amalgams with composite resins or by indirect glued restoration (inlay/onlay), depending on the loss of dental substance.

Dental stains and dental wear Dental stains and dental wear

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I have a devitalized tooth that darkens: is there a solution to lighten it?

If the tooth is not too dilapidated, your dentist may suggest that you perform an internal tooth whitening. This technique helps to lighten the internal color of the teeth to give them a more attractive shine and shine.

Dental stains and dental wear Dental stains and dental wear

Made by Dr. Clarisse Bonnet

Good to know

Prevention is better than cure: eliminating the colouring substance as often as possible is still the best solution against stains.

If you are prone to dental staining, avoid using abrasive toothpaste that may scratch the surface of the teeth and indirectly accelerate the appearance of new stains.