Oral surgery in the service of orthodontics

Your orthodontist, in agreement with your referring dentist, may indicate a surgical solution in certain cases: the release of an impacted tooth to allow its placement on the arch; the installation of miniscrews; mobilization of a tooth; extractions of wisdom teeth, supernumerary teeth, or other teeth, as recommended by the orthodontist.

The exact position of impacted and / or supernumerary teeth will be visualized on 3D reconstructions of the jaws using modern digital techniques.

Certain techniques requiring surgical procedures can speed up your treatment: Placement of miniscrews for anchorage and / or corticotomies and piezocision.

Corticotomies or piezocision is a surgical treatment, performed under local anesthesia, consisting of “softening” the bone around the teeth to facilitate their movement during orthodontic treatment.

The goal for corticotomies and piezocision is to :