Pain, what if it was your gums?

Pain, what if it was your gums?


The first alerts and pain in the gums are sometimes neglected. However, these signs must be taken seriously in order to avoid more serious complications. Let’s take stock of the potential symptoms experienced together:

Red and swollen gums: your pink gums become red and the tissues appear swollen; This is an inflammation created by the accumulation of dental plaque. Called “gingivitis” it is a reaction of the tissues to bacteria which release toxins and weaken the gums and by extension your teeth.

A gum that bleeds during brushing: this is a sign of developing inflammation which can lead to periodontitis.

Bad breath: the presence of halitosis can result from the accumulation of bacteria and/or debris that cannot be eliminated by standard brushing.

Sensitivity: it can increase when faced with cold or even heat. Sensitivity can be a symptom of infections or occlusion-related problems.

Retraction of the gums:  the teeth are then more exposed. This can lead to increased sensitivity and the appearance of discomfort or pain.

These symptoms are real warning signs that should not be ignored. Contact your dentist for a complete examination and an adequate treatment plan to avoid allowing inflammation to take hold and quickly develop into periodontitis.