Orthodontic treatments

Preventive treatment

The goal of preventive and functional orthodontics in children is to restore a balance in the dental arches between lips, cheeks and tongue, and thus promote harmonious facial growth.

The devices used allow to correct skeletal shifts of the jaws and help to suppress bad habits of breathing, swallowing, chewing.

At the firm we work with custom-made devices thanks to optical and digital fingerprints, as well as devices and functional education exercises.

Functional Education Videos

1. Introduction

2. Maintenance and Wearing

3.Breathing exercises

4.Muscle exercises

Standard treatment

The metal fasteners are glued to the external face of the teeth. These fasteners will allow the orthodontist to move the teeth efficiently and accurately to the desired result. This is the classic camera that everyone knows.

Effective, optimal, comfortable: it is a treatment of choice to correct all dental alignment problems.

At the firm we work with the DAMON Q® system which combines passive self-ligating brackets, high-tech arcs and light forces.

Transparent treatment

This orthodontic treatment is intended for adults as well as teenagers and children some cases of malpositions. It is a discreet, comfortable method requiring good cooperation.

A series of transparent aligners customized and made to measure thanks to optical impressions and digital techniques, are manufactured in order to gradually move the teeth to the desired final position. At the firm we work with the INVISALIGN® system.