Focus on the causes of gum pain

Focus on the causes of gum pain

Pain at the gingival level appeared gradually and is evolving. An appointment with your dentist will provide you with the appropriate answers and treatments by identifying the symptoms but also the potential causes of this inflammation.

Find below the main causes of the onset of this pain:

– Insufficient tooth brushing: this is the main factor which will create pain over time, as dental plaque sets in quickly. In order not to damage the gums, a soft-bristled brush will allow effective, gentle brushing.

– Gingivitis: one of the causes of gum pain can be gingivitis. This inflammation must be monitored so as not to create a more serious infection called periodontitis.

– Periodontitis: An infection following gingivitis, it also attacks the bone, thus weakening your teeth which can lead to their loss over time without treatment.

– Gum injury: lesions or injuries, they can weaken your gums and create pain. Consider using a toothbrush with soft bristles that do not irritate your gums.

– Hormonal Changes: The gums may be sensitive to hormonal changes that create previously non-existent or less pronounced pain. Pregnancy, puberty, menopause are periods when your gums may appear weakened and painful.

– Grinding teeth: pain in the jaw or cheeks, bruxism can create pain in the gums, due to clenching your teeth at night while sleeping.

– Caries: A cavity that progresses silently, grows without treatment and subsequently becomes painful with an infection that extends from the enamel to the dentin and can injure the gums.

– Braces and prostheses: Irritation and damage to the gums can be caused by poorly fixed orthodontic braces. Dentures can also cause pain at the gingival level through repeated irritation.

– Wisdom teeth: Teething related to the emergence of wisdom teeth can cause pain and weaken the gums which are then abused.