Good reflexes for brushing your teeth with braces

Good reflexes for brushing your teeth with braces

During orthodontic treatment, tooth brushing must be meticulous. Which toothbrush to use? Which interdental brushes? How often? We answer all your questions.

The importance of effective brushing

Bacteria are found naturally throughout our bodies and also in our mouths. They will transform the sugar that we consume into acids which, in the long run, will weaken the teeth with the appearance of cavities but also possible inflammation of the gums (gingivitis).

When we wear braces, the food we eat is more likely to get stuck, hence the importance of methodical and effective brushing which guarantees good dental hygiene. Although a reduced sugar diet is necessary, the quality of brushing is essential.

Let’s get into good habits

Here is brushing your teeth with an appliance stuck to your teeth: