How to avoid minor hassles with braces?

How to avoid minor hassles with braces?

Wearing braces is not always easy. At the start of treatment there may be some sensitivity or sensations related to the installation of the dental appliance. Indeed, its primary objective being to exert pressure which will create inflammation, it is possible that these sensations of “pulling teeth” may temporarily disrupt your daily life. The resorption of bone on one side to make bone on the other is the process that will allow the tooth to move into the bone that surrounds it.

The sensations of tension will then appear at the start of your treatment at the time of installation but also each time the appliance is handled by your orthodontist. Don’t panic, after 24 to 48 hours these discomforts will disappear. You can then take painkillers but also eat more soft or frozen foods to reduce these discomforts.

In addition, it may happen at the start of treatment that these sensations appear in the cheeks, lips or even on the tongue. Orthodontic wax which covers the injured parts or which are likely to be injured will offer you additional comfort.

Finally, the inconvenience may be linked to a technical problem with your device with the protruding wire. If this is the case, replace it using tweezers while waiting for your appointment with your orthodontist.

Do not hesitate to contact your specialist in the event of any other prolonged pain: