Prevention, your best health ally!

Prevention, your best health ally!

Dental pain leads us to quickly consult a dentist. However, anticipating possible pathologies with regular consultations remains the best possible choice, whatever your age. Indeed, some dental problems start silently without raising the alarm and worsen over time until they become more serious.


During the appointment with your dentist, he will meticulously inspect your teeth but also the condition of your gums so as not to miss any signs of the presence of a possible dental pathology. It takes stock of the state of your teeth, the treatments already carried out, any crowns or existing dental implants but also your oral hygiene with the search for potential cavities, inflammation, teeth grinding, etc. If the dentist diagnoses signs of oral problems, or if pain has already set in, he can take x-rays to complete the oral examination and visualize what cannot be done by simple examination.


It is advisable to visit your dentist once a year to check the state of your oral health. This frequency may be higher depending on the treatments deemed necessary by the practitioner.

Good gestures

Good oral health is achieved on a daily basis through effective and regular brushing at least twice a day and through good eating habits. It is important to brush your teeth after each meal and limit sugar consumption during meals but especially outside of food to avoid the appearance of cavities.

A team at your service

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