The benefits of orthodontics

The benefits of orthodontics
teeth with braces

1/ Improvement of breathing through the nose.

This allows harmonious growth of the face, filtration of the air entering the lungs as well as the proper functioning of the thermoregulation of the brain. Brain thermoregulation is important for better sleep quality and good brain development in a growing child. Poor nasal ventilation causes children to breathe “with their mouth open” and induce snoring. Facial growth may be disrupted and disharmonious. The main signs are dark circles, faded cheekbones, and a long, tired-looking face.

2/ Better chewing.

Chewing correctly will lead to good digestion and better jaw coordination. When the jaws are well coordinated, this helps prevent premature wear of the teeth as well as protecting the temporomandibular joint.

3/ Protect your teeth.

Orthodontic treatment will help align your child’s teeth. This alignment will have several advantages including: Reducing the risk of fracture during a fall/impact to the face More effective brushing and therefore a reduction in caries lesions Preparing for the placement of implants to replace missing teeth

4/ Contribute to well-being.

At any age, the alignment of the teeth and the correct position of the jaws will give way to better confidence and self-esteem. It is an additional asset in the social and professional lives of our patients. Orthodontic treatment is part of a medical approach.

Beyond harmonizing the smile, it helps improve oral health and health in general.